Making a Difference with Community Charity


For years, Dr. Matthew Mastrorocco has made it a point to provide excellent services to the general public of Hilton Head Island. However, this year he took that love of his community a step further. He and his wife donated a considerable amount of money, upwards of $6,700, to The Project SAFE Fund of The Community Foundation. A very charitable donation, the fund provides community households with the connection of neighborhood sewer lines to public service district lines. Not only will this donation go towards helping families become better prepared for the future, but it is better for the environment and economy of Hilton Head Island overall.


Why Make a Charitable Donation to The Community Foundation

The Community Foundation has, since 1994, helped Hilton Head Island neighborhoods improve and flourish. Charitable donations can be made to the foundation as a whole, or for a specific project. The foundation always has something going on, from funds to enrich the lives of school children, to projects that would lead to the preservation of local marshlands, wildlife, and educational programs about Hilton Head Island. The Community Foundation takes every donation seriously, and every dollar is utilized effectively, wisely, and to fullest extent.


How the Mastrorocco's are Changing Lives

The Community Foundation is one that changes lives through the funding and implementation of much-needed community projects. Dr. Matthew Mastrorocco and his wife, Mrs. Rebecca Mastrorocco, are changing lives through their charitable, generous donations. The donated funds from Dr. and Mrs. Mastrorocco will go towards helping communities achieve next level sanitation and connection.


How You Can Take Example from Their Kindness

Dr. and Mrs. Mastrorocco are leading by example. Their acts of kindness are meant to inspire and motivate others to do the same. You can follow their lead by making your own charitable donations to the SAFE Project Fund. Or, donate your desired amount specifically to The Community Foundation. Anything donated is used effectively and wisely, with heavy focus on making the community, economy, and environment better places for locals, travelers, and wildlife alike.

Mike Tucker