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When you think of dentists in Hilton Head, the words dependable and reputable come to mind. The team of Dr. Matthew Mastrorocco and Dr. Cervone stands behind their commitment to providing high tech, soft touch dentistry to the residents of Hilton Head Island and Bluffton for many years.

In fact, The reader's of the Island Packet and Hilton Head Monthly continue to vote Dr. Mastrorocco "best dentist" in Hilton Head. The level of cosmetic dental services offered and the attention to detail make Dr. Mastrorocco and Dr. Cervone a winning team. We love working with patients and helping them make informed choices while building lifelong relationships in the Lowcountry.


It’s important to know that dentistry is not really about teeth at all. It’s about the well-being of the patients who own those teeth and their ability to take good care of them.
— Dr. Mastrorocco


Hilton Head Dental Care

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Hilton Head Island is the perfect, idyllic spot in South Carolina where one can shop, swim, eat, play both golf and tennis, or just walk along the stunning beaches. It is the perfect escape from the annoying hustle-bustle of city life.

The climate on our island is wonderful year-round and makes a quaint place to raise a family and a place to retire. Surrounded by majestic lagoons, wildlife, and the Atlantic Ocean, our island makes the ideal relaxation destination for visitors and residents.

Just as important as our healthy island environment, so is our attention to our personal care and oral health. Dr. Mastrorocco and Dr. Cervone have a proven record of delivering exceptional results for cosmetic dentistry in Hilton Head improving health and brightening smiles.